In today’s volatile business climate, all companies are asking similar questions: How to do we drive breakthrough innovation with increasingly limited resources? How do we attract and retain the best employees and support the intrapreneurs we already have? How do we content with small, nimble startups along with our traditional competitors to insure we stay relevant?

Leverage the power of research and practical innovation tools to customize content and increase impact during and after your event:

  • Pre-presentation (surveys, assessments, and interviews to understand greatest pain points, needs, etc), Optional/for an additional fee: “ethnography”- a walk in their end user’s shoes and video capturing a user experience

  • Keynote (customized based on what we learn ahead of keynote)

  • Post-keynote - tools to help move innovation forward and reinforce message of keynote, quick (1 - 2 minute) supportive video that shares the “how to” of the tool and additional insights

Disrupt-It-Yourself: Why Revolution Is an Inside Job

40 percent of the S & P 500 will be replaced in 10 years. Only 14 percent of new grads want to work for a large company. Consumers are demanding higher value at a lower cost, and accessible technology allows lone entrepreneurs to complete with industry giants. How will the large organization remain competitive and disrupt itself, before a competitor does? By engaging the power of its intrapreneurs – entrepreneurs that already exist on the inside of your organization. In this engaging talk, Dr. Ahuja shares inspiring stories and a practical primer outlining how large firms can disrupt themselves by behaving more like start-ups, while leveraging the scale, distribution, and talent they already have.

Frugal Innovation: Solving Massive Problems with Almost Nothing

Companies are increasingly challenged by a global economy characterized by volatility, complexity, and resource scarcity. This challenging environment, coupled with consumers who demand higher value at a lower cost, is creating an urgency for companies to innovative faster, better, and cheaper. Enter jugaad (frugal) innovation – a frugal, flexible and inclusive approach to innovation most prevalent in emerging markets — with high relevance for firms in developed economies. Frugal innovation occurs at the intersection of business, design, and social innovation – and results in the creation of affordable, sustainable, and accessible solutions.

Innovation Therapy: Barriers and Solutions to Internal Intrapreneurship

As senior leaders and managers, we’re tasked with driving innovation every day, but our organizations weren’t necessary built for change. Do you want to learn how others are managing roadblocks and supporting the “intrapreneurs” inside of their organizations to harness more innovation? In this interactive, practical, and fast-paced keynote and workshop that’s part playbook, part case studies, and part innovation therapy, Dr. Ahuja will share top intraprenerial challenges, and map out strategies to effectively navigate them. Real-world examples from Dr. Ahuja’s research and from session attendees will illuminate these barriers – and the incentives that can help keep intrapreneurs afloat. Whether you’re leading others, or an intrapreneur yourself, this session will give you actionable insights to accelerate your pathway to success.

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