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Today, driving innovation from within an organization is the single most important factor for an organization's success

“Disruption my be inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be destructive. This practical, masterful approach guides large organizations to be agile by building a safe place for innovative ideas, staying close to customers, and supporting the intrapreneurs who create breakthrough solutions.”

Asheesh Saksena, Chief Strategic Growth Officer, Best Buy


Blood Orange is an innovation advisory that works with Fortune 1000 companies to put in place systems that help companies innovate faster, better, and cheaper.

The Blood Orange approach is based on the mindset and principles utilized by necessity-driven entrepreneurs in resource-constrained environments around the world - both in developed and developing economies.  Collectively, we have spent years researching up-close how such under-resourced entrepreneurs innovate brilliantly with less, and developed a system rooted in frugal innovation and entrepreneurship.  This culture-changing approach gives companies the concrete tools they need to quickly and sustainably design and deliver innovative products, services and business models.

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