Hear Today’s Voice for Tomorrow’s Innovation

In today’s volatile business climate, all companies are facing similar challenges. How do we drivebreakthrough innovation with increasingly limited resources? How do we stay competitive in a complex and volatile business environment?

My mission is to help companies adapt to this new, fast paced environment by sharing global best practices, principles and a mindset that augment current processes in order to drive innovation and intrapreneurship across all levels of an organization.

  • “Sustainability of our health care system is at the forefront of our innovation efforts aiming at improving consumer engagement, developing new care delivery models, managing the improvement of chronic conditions, and managing the cost of specialty drugs. Simone’s sharing her perspective on frugal innovation during our recent Innovation Summit was a welcome asset as she reminded us that impactful, sustainable innovation relies on constantly stretching ourselves beyond our own business mindset.”

    – Tom Beauregard, EVP and Chief Innovation Officer, UnitedHealth Group

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